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We love coding here at Gmansoft. We love creating software, applications, games, websites and automations. We specialize in solving real life problems with technology and having fun doing it.

We currently speak these languages (and Tools)

C, C++, Java, Android, Ios
Html 5, Javascript, Php, MySql, Css, Jquery, Ajax
Facebook, Other web and social api, WordPress
tcl tk, python, perl, shell, ruby
C#, Objective-c, Opengl
windows 8 api, ios api
cadence skill++, laker tcl tk, pcell, calibre runset
Unity3D, Blender, Gimp

Contact us at gmansoftsolutions@gmail.com or talk@gmansoft.com

We also have our Hobby Corner where we give our opinions, reviews and information on anything we like.

games and apps
gadgets and technology

Sometimes we do things live, watch developer live tv

programming is not a curriculum, it is a passion
by gmansoft

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