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Super Bird Brothers – 2 Player (Flappy Bird Type Game)

The Super Bird Brothers have a love-hate relationship. They can team-up and help each other but there are times they are very competitive with each other. B1 and B2 can be controlled to play with each other or against each other. This flying game is played by 2 players on a single device by tapping the upper screen for player 1 and the lower screen for player 2. If you are insanely good, you can control both brothers on your own. ( Multiplayer Game )

Game Features
– Facebook Connect
– Facebook Friends Leader Board
– Share and Post Score
– Upload Screen Shot

Available now on Android ( Download at Google Play Store )

Available on IOS ( Download at Itunes )

Digital AR cards for ps vita

Lost your PS Vita AR card? Having a hard time always bringing your PS Vita AR card with you? This mobile app is quite handy because you have your phone with you all the time. With this digital version, you won’t need to bring your cards to your adhoc sessions or playtime. Multi card mode lets you use up to 6 cards at once in a single phone with rotate feature. Multi mode is efficient on bigger and high resolution devices like tablets and phablets.

Download now at Google Play Store

Download at IOS App Store



ps4 on fire

Is this a real overheating ps4? Or a playstation 4 set on fire? Or the new dreaded red light of death? Unity 3D is not only used for building games, it can also be for creating video effects. This video shows a PS4 3D Model set on fire using particle effects with a real video as a background using green screen technique.