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Super Bird Brothers – 2 Player (Flappy Bird Type Game)

The Super Bird Brothers have a love-hate relationship. They can team-up and help each other but there are times they are very competitive with each other. B1 and B2 can be controlled to play with each other or against each other. This flying game is played by 2 players on a single device by tapping the upper screen for player 1 and the lower screen for player 2. If you are insanely good, you can control both brothers on your own. ( Multiplayer Game )

Game Features
– Facebook Connect
– Facebook Friends Leader Board
– Share and Post Score
– Upload Screen Shot

Available now on Android ( Download at Google Play Store )

Available on IOS ( Download at Itunes )

Creating games and apps using ONLY FREE software and tools

Do you know you can create and develop games and apps without cost? You only need a computer — which you should already have, an internet connection — which you should already have and download totally free software and tools that you need. And earn money from it! We will start creating step by step tutorials and videos soon, follow us if you want to learn development 🙂

Ultim8 Spot the Difference 3D

The Official Page of Ultim8 SPOT the difference 3D.

Spot all the differences between two identical 3D scenes within the given time. This re-invention of the classic spot the difference game is fun, challenging, and addicting. Play various level types like free-rotate, auto spin, reverse spin, mirror, and mystery puzzles. Brag your accomplishments on Facebook and ask friends for life to continue playing. Have fun playing ultimate spot the difference 3D.

The Subway Map is coming soon! 🙂

Download for ios at App Store

Download for android at Google Play

Play on your browser at https://apps.facebook.com/ultimatespot

Developed by Gmansoft , Powered by Unity3D

Thanks and Credits to Free 3D model assets from

Cartoon waiting room Rod Munhoz http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/66160 use for map 1
simple heart Blendeyes http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/68999 use for life icon
wooden cloth chair Universal Images unity asset store use for start
Books VIS Games unity asset store use as item
Snack Machines VIS Games unity asset store use as item
TV 3d_rina unity asset store use as item
laptop Unity Tech unity asset store use as item

most photogenic friends in my albums – ( facebook app )

Most Photogenic Friends in my Album

Check who are the top five most photogenic friends in your facebook albums. The app will scan your photos and will try to pick the most gorgeous among them. Share and have fun.

Scan your albums now.

pinoy horoskop – ( facebook app )

pinoy horoskop

Pinoy Horoskop. Alamin ang iyong kapalaran gamit ang pinoy horoskop. Tuklasin ang kakaibang prediksyon mula sa posisyon ng araw at buwan. (This is a tagalog localized horoscope app).

Know your fortune now.