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review – jetpack joyride for ps vita is the ultimate version of them all


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I never thought i would be playing Jetpack Joyride again and i mean spending a lot of time collecting trophies with it. I never really like the original version from other platforms like the android and ios version. One of the big game changer here is the additional control option. In the ps vita version of the game, you can now use the rear touch pad instead of touching the front screen. This control scheme completely removes all the frustrations i have on barry dying because my finger is blocking my view. Using the rear touch pad seems more natural and makes everything else feel right. It is the perfect control scheme for this kind of game and that’s why i think this is the ultimate version of Jetpack Joyride.

There are no changes in the graphics department. It is still the same retro style look and everything is beautiful on the ps vita’s 5 inch oled screen. The frame rate is perfect with no lag unlike in some mobile devices and the colors are vibrant. The gameplay is super simple, fly without getting hit. If you are a trophy hunter, this game packs 12 trophies. Sorry guys, no platinum trophy here but i think it has more than enough trophy for this type of game. The sound is nice but not so great. And the the price is FREE which is rare on this type of console. You can buy golds in the playstation store with real money for a cheap price but it is completely optional. I would suggest that if you like the game and want to support the developers of jetpack joyride, buy some coins. You must download this game if you have a ps vita.


Game Tips


The ” Good Work, Woody ” trophy does not have a clear description on how to get it. It says “run into the bottom obstacles 3 times in a row”. ¬†You can easily get this trophy by just running on the ground and dying from any bottom zapper 3 times in three consecutive game.

good work woody
Good Work, Woody Trophy