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Super Bird Brothers – 2 Player (Flappy Bird Type Game)

The Super Bird Brothers have a love-hate relationship. They can team-up and help each other but there are times they are very competitive with each other. B1 and B2 can be controlled to play with each other or against each other. This flying game is played by 2 players on a single device by tapping the upper screen for player 1 and the lower screen for player 2. If you are insanely good, you can control both brothers on your own. ( Multiplayer Game )

Game Features
– Facebook Connect
– Facebook Friends Leader Board
– Share and Post Score
– Upload Screen Shot

Available now on Android ( Download at Google Play Store )

Available on IOS ( Download at Itunes )

review – super mushroom by gameday for iphone – pinball meets pvz

When we are not programming, we are playing games (Hobby Corner).

If you enjoyed Plants vs Zombies and pinball, you’ll love Super Mushroom. Similar to Popcap’s popular tower defense game, the objective of Super M is to protect your base from intruding bacteria using mushrooms with super powers and left & right wooden pinball kickers. You can use upto 8 mushrooms at a time. As the levels advance, you get more trees and stones that block the way.

The game is challenging and just frustrating enough to want me to close it for now and try again later when there is a certain stage that i can’t seem to finish.

The background music is not bad. I wish the developers could make the loop more seamless. The bacteria’s voice is repetitive and a bit too annoying.

The cartoonish graphics is cute and appropriate. I love that the mushrooms change appearance when I upgrade them.

This is the first game that I downloaded without reading or hearing anything about it and got hooked. It is currently free on itunes but I wouldn’t mind paying a little for it.



perfect 3 mushroom score for all levels!


Super mushroom bacteria!