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Mr Toilet Diver Sherman ( Game )

Do you know what lurks at the bottom of your toilet bowl? Maybe it is time to dive in. Tilt to control diver and avoid poops ( Bacteria on IOS ). Make sure you don’t run out of air and die. See yourself actually inside the suit by taking a photo. Login with your Facebook account to battle your friends in Toilet Diver Depth Leader board. – Microphone is use for sos gameplay. You can speak on the radio and it will change your voice to a funny tone. If you speak when the button is green, Mr Peabo will help you and send multiple gas tank. ( Game inspired by the movie Mr Peabody and Sherman )

Game Features
– Facebook Leaderboard , Post, Upload Screen , Score Open Graph
– Take Photo and be in the Game
– Talk to Radio ( microphone ) to ask for Help

Available for Android Download now at Google Play.

Available for IOS Download now at Itunes

Frozen Troll Story

This is the untold story of a frozen troll who discovered something that can save the kingdom throne. His task is to follow the princess into mountains to tell her the secret. Journey through dangerous snowy roads. Avoid ice spikes and ice blocks. Use fire to your advantage. Collect as much pick axes as you can to open and explore the secret area. ( Game inspired by the Disney Movie Frozen )

Game features
– Facebook Leader Board
– Share / Post / Upload Screen
– Score open graph

Download now for Android at Google Play Store

Download now for IOS at Itunes

Frogs Fly in Rio ( Game )

In Rio, Brazil, legend has it that there are frogs that can fly living deep within the mysterious forest. Some evil group tried to catch them by burning the trees to expose them. Although they really don’t have wings, they are intelligent enough to improvise. Escape the fire! Fly like a bird. (¬†Game inspired by the movie Rio 2 )

This game is extremely difficult. Can you make it to the top of 99 ft bamboo trees and finish the game?

Download at google play store

Download at Itunes for IOS