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Digital AR cards for ps vita

Lost your PS Vita AR card? Having a hard time always bringing your PS Vita AR card with you? This mobile app is quite handy because you have your phone with you all the time. With this digital version, you won’t need to bring your cards to your adhoc sessions or playtime. Multi card mode lets you use up to 6 cards at once in a single phone with rotate feature. Multi mode is efficient on bigger and high resolution devices like tablets and phablets.

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Creating games and apps using ONLY FREE software and tools

Do you know you can create and develop games and apps without cost? You only need a computer — which you should already have, an internet connection — which you should already have and download totally free software and tools that you need. And earn money from it! We will start creating step by step tutorials and videos soon, follow us if you want to learn development 🙂

android sdk manager – find_java.exe or find_java.bat problem and solution

If you are having issues or problems launching the android sdk manager from it’s folder or from Eclipse with ADT plugin with error related to find_java.exe or find_java.bat as unexpected at this time, here is a simple fix or solution. This is a common problem in the Windows version of the sdk that the bat file is setting an incorrect path for your java.exe or javaw.exe file.

1. Go to your android sdk folder, look inside tools,lib

eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools\lib

2. Open the find_java.bat file inside this folder

3. look for this line

for /f %%a in (‘%~dps0\find_java.exe -s’) do set java_exe=%%a
if not defined java_exe goto :CheckFailed

4. change it to ( if you are using java se jdk 7, use jre7 instead of jre6)

rem for /f %%a in (‘%~dps0\find_java.exe -s’) do set java_exe=%%a
set java_exe=”C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe”
if not defined java_exe goto :CheckFailed

5. look for this other line

for /f %%a in (‘%~dps0\find_java.exe -s -w’) do set javaw_exe=%%a
if not exist %javaw_exe% set javaw_exe=%java_exe%
goto :EOF

6. then change it to

rem for /f %%a in (‘%~dps0\find_java.exe -s -w’) do set javaw_exe=%%a
set javaw_exe=”C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe”
if not exist %javaw_exe% set javaw_exe=%java_exe%
goto :EOF

7. Basically, you are defining a specific path where your java binary is. Please use your java path if it is different from the example above.

8. Launch your Android sdk again and it should work.

how to create a tcl pcell for laker ic cad software

Quick Code: This post is for integrated circuit cad engineering software for which information are scarce on the internet. Here is a sample tcl code for creating a tcl pcell in Laker ic cad / layout software. The sample pcell is a n transistor device with 3 parameters ( number of gate finger, number of fins and gate length ) in a new 14nm process technology. You may need to change the layer names, purpose and units depending on your techfile. Check the code below or git clone it at git:// or .

#------- Sample N Transistor Tcl Pcell for laker L3 -----------------#
# what:   14nm sample n transistor
# params: 	pc length, number of fins, number of gate
# author:	Ricardo Victor Guiman II
# comment:	This is a sample tcl pcell only. You may need to change layer names, purpose and units. Make sure you have created a paramCellLib before sourcing this script

dbDefineParameterizedCell -lib paramCellLib -cell ntrans -params [list [list devLen 0.014 Float] [list pGate 1 Integer] [list pNumFins 1 Integer] ] -vars { cvId xPt yPt rxFinLen rxFinHt rxLen rxHt pcEndCap pcPitch pcHorPitch rxFinPitch ttLen pcLayer tbLayer rxLayer ttLayer rxFinLayer rxFinPurpose addPc xPt2 yPt2 c llx lly urx ury pcBbox endCapBbox ttEx ttBbox addGate horEx verEx rxBbox addRxFin rxFinBbox } \
-exec {
	#------- vars -------#
	set cvId $dbParameterizedCell
	set xPt 0
	set yPt 0

	set rxFinLen 0.48
	set rxFinHt 0.014
	set rxLen 0.18
	set rxHt 0.048
	set pcEndCap 0.142
	set pcPitch 0.048
	set pcHorPitch 0.09
	set rxFinPitch 0.048
	set ttLen 0.072

	set pcLayer "PC"
	set tbLayer "TB"
	set rxLayer "RX"
	set ttLayer "TT"
	set rxFinLayer "RX"
	set rxFinPurpose "fin"
	#------- PC,TB Start-------#
	if { $pNumFins != 1 } {
		set addPc [expr ($pNumFins - 1) * $pcPitch]
		} else {
		set addPc 0
	set xPt2 $xPt
	set yPt2 $yPt
	for { set c 1 } { $c <= $pGate } { incr c } {
		set llx $xPt2
		set lly $yPt2
		set urx [expr $xPt2 + $devLen]
		set ury [expr $yPt2 + $rxFinHt + $addPc]
		set pcBbox [list $llx $lly $urx $ury]
		dbCreateRect -cv $cvId -layer $pcLayer -bbox $pcBbox

		#------- endcap -------#
		set llx $xPt2
		set lly [expr $yPt2 - $pcEndCap]
		set urx [expr $xPt2 + $devLen]
		set ury [expr $yPt2 + $rxFinHt + $pcEndCap + $addPc]
		set endCapBbox [list $llx $lly $urx $ury]
		dbCreateRect -cv $cvId -layer $pcLayer -bbox $endCapBbox
		#------- TB dg -------#
		set ttEx [expr ($ttLen - $devLen)/2]
		set ttBbox [list [expr $llx - $ttEx] $lly [expr $urx + $ttEx] $ury]
		dbCreateRect -cv $cvId -layer $tbLayer -bbox $ttBbox

		set xPt2 [expr $xPt2 + $pcHorPitch]
	#------- PC End -------#

	#------- RX,TT Start -------#
	if { $pGate != 1 } {
		set addGate [expr ($pGate - 1) * $pcHorPitch]
		} else {
		set addGate 0
	set horEx [expr ($rxLen - $devLen)/2]
	set verEx [expr ($rxHt - $rxFinHt)/2]
	set llx [expr $xPt - $horEx]
	set lly [expr $yPt - $verEx]
	set urx [expr $xPt + $devLen + $horEx + $addGate]
	set ury [expr $yPt + $rxFinHt + $verEx + $addPc]
	set rxBbox [list $llx $lly $urx $ury]
	dbCreateRect -cv $cvId -layer $rxLayer -bbox $rxBbox
	#------- TT dg -------#
	dbCreateRect -cv $cvId -layer $ttLayer -bbox $rxBbox
	#------- RX End -------#

	#------- RX FIN Start -------#
	if { $pGate != 1 } {
		set addRxFin [expr ($pGate - 1) * $pcHorPitch]
		} else {
		set addRxFin 0
	set horEx [expr ($rxFinLen - $devLen)/2]
	set verEx 0
	set xPt2 $xPt
	set yPt2 $yPt
	for { set c 1 } { $c <= $pNumFins } { incr c } {
		set llx [expr $xPt2 - $horEx]
		set lly [expr $yPt2 - $verEx]
		set urx [expr $xPt2 + $devLen + $horEx + $addRxFin]
		set ury [expr $yPt2 + $rxFinHt + $verEx]
		set rxFinBbox [list $llx $lly $urx $ury]
		dbCreateRect -cv $cvId -layer $rxFinLayer -purpose $rxFinPurpose -bbox $rxFinBbox
		set yPt2 [expr $yPt2 + $rxFinPitch]
	#------- RX FIN End -------#