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ps4 on fire

Is this a real overheating ps4? Or a playstation 4 set on fire? Or the new dreaded red light of death? Unity 3D is not only used for building games, it can also be for creating video effects. This video shows a PS4 3D Model set on fire using particle effects with a real video as a background using green screen technique.

Creating games and apps using ONLY FREE software and tools

Do you know you can create and develop games and apps without cost? You only need a computer — which you should already have, an internet connection — which you should already have and download totally free software and tools that you need. And earn money from it! We will start creating step by step tutorials and videos soon, follow us if you want to learn development 🙂

providing complete web solution for

www.rickysogood.comThe three major parts of providing a complete web solution are: server, software and design. The server is a computer that is always turned on, connected and maintained. It is comparable to the human body. The software are the programs that we use to provide all the logic and data processing that create these websites. It is like the brain and internal organs.  The design or the user interface is what people see and interact. It is similar to clothing, accessories and any external part of our body. is a blog about money management and achieving
financial freedom by Mr. Ricky So, registered financial adviser and expert.